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I'm a writer, healer & teacher. My sci-fi detective e-book series "The Casebook of Elisha Grey" is available on Amazon for Kindle, and through (adult content) for all platforms.

My goal is to see "The Casebook of Elisha Grey" story series adapted for a streaming/cable series.

I’ve completed my first screenplay, “2gether 4ever in the Hinterland”, registered with WGAW and submitted to Stage32 for their 2019 screenplay contest. It is a dystopian romance set in the U.S about 60 years in the future, where people’s lives are orchestrated by the New Government, and features middle-aged and elderly people in key roles.

I’ve also begun work on the ninth volume of “The Casebook of Elisha Grey”.

Because I’m a published author in both fiction and non-fiction, I’ve assisted other scholars in the TCM field by editing their manuscripts, including Dr. Zhu Ming with his English language translation of Huang Di Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine, published in 2000 by Beijing University Press). I am currently the English language copy editor for Galactica Media: Journal of Frontier Studies e-journal published by Astrakhan University, Astrakhan, Russia.

I continue my 24 year practice as a licensed acupuncturist trained in Chinese Medicine. I write and work in Ashland, Oregon, where the palms meet the pines, in the mythical state of Jefferson.

I am also a well-trained cat slave, though currently I am sans cat (RIP Nicholas Tiberius Katt 4/9/98-7/11/15). 

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