I’m a 1996 graduate of Samra University of Oriental Medicine, NCCAOM Diplomate in Acupuncture and Herbology, and am licensed to practice in Oregon. I first experienced the healing art of acupuncture as a patient, beginning in 1984, as a patient of last resort – meaning I had tried conventional medicine’s offerings to no avail – which continues to be the typical patient who seeks out Chinese Medicine. I’ve learned a number of styles of treatment, including Chinese and Japanese styles of needling, ear acupuncture, and Taoist uses of distal points (points away from the area of pain). I also use moxibustion (burning of mugwort over certain points) for painful conditions and gua sha (“scraping”) for muscle injuries. I often formulate herbal prescriptions for each individual, using both classical Chinese formulas and more modern herb combinations.

Part of being a healer in this holistic tradition includes learning internal martial arts. For many years I practiced and taught Kuang Ping Yang style T’ai Chi Ch’uan. I continue to practice Qi Gong. My experience with internal martial arts led to learning Feng Shui (Chinese Art of Placement). I also had the opportunity to learn about a rare form of qi gong, shui long (water dragon) qi gong which has its roots in Mongolian/Buryat shamanism. My studies culminated in an opportunity to meet the seminal group of practitioners in Astrakhan, Russia, in 2002.

I’m also a Reiki III Master (Usui School) as well as a Reiki IV (Seichem) practitioner.

reiki symbols

reiki symbols

If you are a health care professional or otherwise associated with health care and would like to know more about my extensive academic training, please e-mail and ask for a copy of my academic curriculum vitae. I am happy to share my knowledge of this thousands-year-old holistic health care tradition with others who may wish to understand it better.